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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This post is going to be about how to create an e-book. Have you been struggling to make money online? Have you put up a website and had no success? Have you tried sell affiliate products and still have had no success? I think I have a solution to your problem what if you were the product owner and your e-book was listed on clickbank, paydotcom, warrior forum, jv zoo, and these are just some of the affiliate networks. I am going to give you 14 reason's why you should create and sell your own e-books. 1. Minimum skill is required to set these up and you can do it part time 2. it's really fast you literally can have this up and running in eight hours 3. you can establish yourself as a expert in your field 4. no need for inventory or postage fees 5. you can automate your business and it runs even while you are sleeping making you money 6. you can work from home and enjoy the things you love to do 7. the cost of running a business from home is very low and there are many no cost options 8. Loads of leverage the internet, affiliate's, Ad's, knowledge. you can leverage all of these to sell around the world 9. you add more value to people's lives 10. you have access to a giant global market 11. you are providing instant gratification 12. there is a 100 percent profit margin because you are selling a digital product 13. you are creating multiple streams of income with every new e-book 14. selling you own products means you are not exchanging time for money Now that you have the reasons you should start creating e-books I am going to show you how it is going to work. 1. Find an awesome niche with a problem that needs to be solved research some great solutions and then create a 30 page word document with one really good idea and turn that into a PDF. 2. you can pay clickbank $50 to join there network so you can sell your e-book or you can go to the warrior forum, Paydotcom, jvzoo and do the same thing 3. Have someone create a website for you and you just need 2 pages the sales page and a thank you page were you product can be downloaded. this can be done at e-lance, Guru, warrior forum, fiverr. 4. then you just need to drive traffic to that page. These are just the basic's that you will need to get started with in upcoming post's I will go deeper into the research part of it and how to find a great niche market to go into plus i will reveal to you the 12 easiest and fastest ways to create a e-book.

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