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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

E-mail Marketing tips you cant live without

Here are some great e-mail marketing tips. 1. Once you have a customer base stay in touch with them and e-mail at least twice a day once in the morning and a second in the evening. 2. Subscribe to at least 10-12 newsletters in your niche you will learn a lot from this look at what time of the day they are e-mailing you and what they are e-mailing you. 3. People buy things from people they trust add value to you customers by providing real value to them with free reports 4. the worst thing you could do is be boring so give some glimpse into your personal life and write how you talk 5. Use online video when you can this will allow you to connect emotionally with your readers 6. Have the blue clickable link in your e-mail above the fold so your customers don't need to scroll down 7. Contact your customers regularly it takes about 5 exposures to get the sale make sure you nurture them with valuable content 8. Promote low cost offers to get your list used to buying from you 9. Make sure you post can be read on all types of devices 10. It is very important to send upsells to your list to achieve a better lifetime customer value