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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creating Information Products the simple way

As an affiliate you are probably thinking why would I want to create a information product myself? Frist it gives you many advantages with your own product you can establish yourself as an expert easily. It gives you more control and you get to keep most of the money. To do this you really only need a couple of things first is you need to find a hungry market with buyers in that market then find solutions for that market one way to do that is head on over to the warrior forum and look at the titles of the forums if that forum is in the niche you are in or you can Google discussion forums and find one related to you niche this will give you a idea of products you can have created. You can have a e-book easily created about any title that you find in the warrior forum once you have a e-book in mind simply look for someone to create it at the warrior forum under warrior's for hire or odesk make sure to look for a similar product on clickbank or do a Google search for a similar product that you can show the outsourcer so they have a model to go by once they e-book is created you will need graphics and a sales letter for the site it can be a simple 1 page site again this can be posted on the warrior forum and done for cheap. once you have those then you need a programmer and that can also be found on the warrior forum as well then you will need to collect payments this can be done through paypal or clickbank either one if you go through paypal you will need to generate a code for a button and give that to your programmer.

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